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9 April 2009

The Biscuit Debate

A clever journalist friend of mine who works for Stella Magazine introduced me to the Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down website sometime ago. I had forgotten all about it until a random search refreshed my memory! I love it! Where else will inspire important issues for debate, like, Are Cookies too American to be proper biscuits? To dunk or not to dunk? Are Vienesse Whirls a biscuit? Do the right biscuits swing a business deal? Also, where else can you get 'Biscuit of the Week' and indepth information on just about every biscuit on the planet??!! It's quirky and hilarious. If you go want to go the whole hog, buy the book. GENIUS.

Ps If you want to get into our CEO's good books, get him a pack of McVities Digestives. If you want our photographer Pau to shoot quickly, buy him some gingernuts. Our designer Jof likes Party Rings - not because he wants to eat them but because they remind him of the 'sugar coated days of the 80's'. Debora, our Brazilian assistant loves calorific shortbread fingers - and still manages to look super hot. DARN!

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