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20 May 2009

Bob Bob Ricard - Part 2

I extolled the wonders of this place before visiting - heard so much and loved the pictures I saw - Is that shallow of me? No matter. I finally had tea here last week and was not disappointed.(Which is SO unusual. Usually when somewhere has been hyped up so much, you go there and find the service is ridiculously poor or it is simply a glorified canteen. Or both. I will mention no names.) At BBR the scones were divine and the battenburg was perfection. The staff - men in pink , girls in blue - were so friendly and professional and the interiors actually superseeded my expectations. Designed by David Collins (he also did the Wolseley), it's a mix of Art Deco, Baroque, 1950's and a splash of the Orient Express. Verdict? As if you need to ask. Love it.

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