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3 September 2009

The Acne Show at Browns!

For the next 4 weeks (starting from tommorow!) you will be able to watch four really cool 'When Browns met Acne' videos on the Browns website. From getting an insight into the grand and gorgeous interiors of the Acne HQ in Stockholm (prepare to have a serious droolfest) to sneaking a 'behind the scenes' peek at the show, to hearing the founder Jonny Johansson talk about his inspirations, the videos should be fun, fascinating and will of course have wonderful fashion to boot!
The Acne show happened the day before yesterday. It was an installation as opposed to a catwalk show - Acne, as we know, rarely do anything in an expected way - and here are some of the pics from it. Erin our buyer with Acne's Anthony Kendall. Yes that is Kylie hanging out with the Acne designer Jonny Johansson and artist Katerina Jebb. The next one is with Erin , one of the Acne models and Duncan Campbell - the lovely editor of the brainy and beautiful Acne Paper and the genius that helped to film and edit the videos. Oh and he has FABULOUS hair! Don't forget to check the site tommorow for the first installment!
Pictures by Tim Griffiths

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