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16 September 2009

Nicholas Kirkwood - Browns Guest Blogger in Moscow! Entry 2 - Vogue Cafe

We arrive at Vogue cafe and are ushered into the main seating room where I see Roland Mouret who is also in town for the Fashion Night Out event. He and I are the visiting international designers, and there are 12 Russian designers as well that are present for the press conference. To be honest, public speaking is not really my forte, and especially in the morning. It's good to see Roland and it's comforting too as I know that I won't be the only up who isn't speaking in Russian. I go over to say hello to Aliona and she is very sweet about me coming to Moscow to
participate. I am delighted to be there and thankful to her for having me.

Jean-Paul Gaultier Evian water is served and the press conference begins...... Vogue Cafe, Jean Paul Gaultier Evian, Moscow, smoking permitted ...GENIUS!

I stumble through the first question due to my nerves .. but start to get the hang of it for the following few questions. All of the questions are asked in Russian, translated to English, and vice-versa for my responses. I hope the translator made me sound better than I think I was! Received a question asking if I was to be signing shoes this evening at Tsum. I've never really been into signing shoes nor is it easy as it never really looks good (on the sole it looks weird, and on the inside it rubs off). I want my shoes to be worn! I explain the difficulty, and Roland offers some good advice: "Sign ze leg!" Good idea. Immediately following, tv interviews with MTV, Reuters and a few others. I'm finally starting to get comfortable with being on camera...

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