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22 September 2009

US Vogue's Grace Coddington goes GAGA over the Lady

Grace Coddington has named meeting Lady Gaga as one of her favourite fashion week moments. How fab. What an honour. Do you see a US Vogue cover coming up in the next few months....? Okay perhaps not. HOWEVER a spread in the mag may not be so out of the question.... hint hint. Whatever your thoughts are about Lady Gaga, (doesn't she remind you of Dame Edna Everage in this pic?) you have to hand it to her - the girl knows how to get around. Here's what Ms Coddington had to say...

'I met her backstage at Marc Jacobs and introduced myself. She was wearing a ferociously studded mask and insisted on kissing my cheek, which almost blinded me. Gaga really makes such an effort just for a simple meeting in the office. She was wearing Philip Treacy’s hat with Vogue written on it when she came to see Anna, and when she came to see me the next day she had sprayed her hair red. I was really amused and flattered'

1 comment:

  1. Oh Lady Gaga, never fails to impress the old chestnut!