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2 November 2009

Halloween Party - Browns Focus

Jemma - Browns Focus Buyer
David Koma , Jemma Dyas, Erin Mullaney- Browns Buying Director
David Koma and wife
Marina from 'Marina and the Diamonds' wearing Mark Fast
Natalie Wansbrough-Jones, Zoe Kuipers and friend.

Dani Felder of Felder Felder and Erin Mullaney wearing Mark Fast dress and Tim Ryan jacket
Dani Felder
Chloe Kerman and Tank team
Halloween Bride!

Ben Grimes
Caroline Burstein, hubby Keith and friend.
Acne team doing Alice in Wonderland
Pandora Lennard (red hair) and friends
Henry Holland and Pixie and Friend

Leda - again.
Deborah Brett and Hubby
The Elle Team
Virginia Bates

Lisa from Browns Focus
Jemma - Browns Focus Buyer.
Christina - Browns Focus Assistant Manager and Sarah our Press Officer in a Mark Fast skirt
Jemma, Erin and Leda
Tom Hollander
Chrysoula - Browns Focus Manager

Jemma again - those stitches look painful!

Zoe Kuipers our PR Queen

Leda - Assistant Buyer
Leda sans bandages

Friday at the Sherperd's Bush Pavillion was the place to be this Halloween!

We hosted our 3rd annual Halloween bash in this gorgeous 1920's theatre with 1000 lit pumkins and live performances from Marina and the Diamonds, Wolfgang and Charli XCX - David Bailey's new muse - he recently shot her for Interview. Arthur Baker DJ'd (we are not worthy moment) as did Dan Lywood. So who was there? Henry Holland, David Koma, Lily Parker and Ben Grimes form LPBG, Alex Dellal, Tyrone Wood, Virgina Bates, Pixie Geldof, Lara Bohinc... need I go on? It was fantastic. The cocktails served up were impressively ghoul inspired - they were made by Akvinta Vodka, the luxury organic Vodka company that have been in partnership with Browns Focus for the second year running.

I have to give a big shout out to MAC pro for creating AMAZING make up for us on the night. Jemma - the Focus Buyer - looked fab with her ode to 'The Joker'. Leda, our Assistant Buyer, wins hands down for the coolest, most effective and recession friendly outfit! If you want to follow her lead next year, one word of warning - do it at your peril - The bandages she wrapped around her body threatened to cut off her blood supply.


  1. Chrysoula - Browns Focus Manager
    LOVE IT !

  2. Chrysoula - Browns Focus Manager

    LOVE IT !!