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26 January 2010

Erin at the Chanel Couture Show

Me and laurence dacade, chanel shoe designer... Both very tired; it was an early show and laurence was up very late preparing everything!!
My favourite look... Its a 'lagerfeld femmebot!'
A great shot at the end... Love the pastel coloured column lights and the japanese hair with oversized bows in the front and gorgeous grosgrain ribbon with crystals up the back. Notice the hair makes a heart shape from behind!!
One of the models after the show... Loving the silver fingerless gloves and check out the shoes!
Baptiste, comes out at the end of the show in a silver suit to escort the beautiful chanel 'bride' down the aisle. Apparently he has a part in each chanel show or campaign now.
One of the yellow tweed suits... All were trimmed with crystals and lace
An Amazing lace applique 'bubble' cape in pale pink! sugar coated perfection!

Here's Erin's report from the Chanel Couture show!
Super chic and stylish shoe designer laurence dacade got me a much coveted ticket to the chanel couture show this morning - my first ever chanel experience and was it ever amazing!!

An array of sherbert coloured models came down the runway in beautiful tweed suits, shorts, metallic silver jackets and fluffy confections that were as light and floaty as cotton candy
The accessories were all silver... The classic fingerless gloves, a Lagerfeld trademark, ever present
And the shoes (done by laurence bien sur!) Were to die for!!! Silver shoe boots with metal pearl ankle chains and platform sandals with a side ruffle... This show made me want to be a girl again!!


  1. I envy you for going to this show! The gold tux and dress combo.. Le sigh...

  2. Wow!What a lovely and cool pictures regarding fashion shows.Silver fingerless gloves and shoes is inspiring me more than others.