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15 February 2010

Jemma - More New York Fashion Week.

A very snowy NY! Thank God I brought my Tretorn wellies with me! Anyway enough of the snow what I really wanted to tell you was how I managed to have a sneaky peak at the Tim Burton exhibition at the MOMA. If you are a Tim Burton fan (and I don't think there are many that aren't) and you will be in NY anytime soon you really should see it. His original drawings are amazing to see and all the actual figures are a real treat (especially the life size Edward Scissor hands waxwork!)


  1. Wow, I really wanna visit New York, it looks amazing!

    You see many good shows??

    Sarah xox

  2. Did not know about the Tim Burton exhibition, will check it out! Snowing again today.
    Love your blog :)