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6 May 2010

Industrie Magazine - The September Issue Part 2?

Well, no. This is not the publishing equivalent of The September Issue but the new magazine that has the fashion industry abuzz and salivating in our Louboutins. It touts itself “as the first and only media title dedicated to going behind the scenes to chronicle the personalities, stories and defining moments in the world of fashion... shifting focus away from current collections and trends... provides a considered insight into the culture of fashion... documenting the individuals who influence fashion and critically examines the ideas which shape it.” Okay I'll sum it up. Essentially expect to learn about the thoughts, inspirations and creative process of the industry's tastemakers - including Katie Grand, Tom Florio and Karl Templer) The lead story 'When Editors become Cover Stars' - hence Anna Wintour on the cover - will make fascinating reading. Hits the stands on the 25th May. We can't wait.


  1. Will check it out once it hits newsstands.

  2. The premier issue of Industrie magazine is available at