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17 December 2010

Semi precious style from jewellers VK Lillie

A mother and daughter partnership, Vanessa Lillie is the inspiration, Kira is the creator. The end result? VK Lillie's exquisite neck pieces. Each one is uniquely made with vintage leather gloves, and embellished with Japanese seed beads and semi pre- cious stones (onyx, moonstone, quartz, hematite). Finished with a gold plated silver or pure silver diamond ball cut chain.

The medicine bags come with 7 powerful, semi-precious stones: morganite (for love), rose quartz (for inner peace and self-love), smoky quartz (against depression), turquoise (healing, detoxifying), tourmaline (for inspiration), amber (for energy) and jade (for luck, health and fortune). These intimate objects are made to give you a customized strength and power on a day-to-day basis.

Take control of your moods with VK Lillie's jewels. All pieces are sold in store at Browns, for any enquiries please contact

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