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14 December 2010

We are besotted by Emma Sison's bird illustrations for our Fine jewellery feature

We have all fallen for the pencilled delights of illustrator Emma Sison who drew our fine jewellery feature this week. We pinned her down to answer a couple of questions so you could get to know her better..!

Miss B: What attracted you to illustration?

Emma: I think that I've always been interested in illustration since I was young and realised I could draw. I was a bit confused during college when I thought I needed to do something more than art, but in the end I always knew I wanted to be an illustrator.

Miss B: Where did you study?

Emma: I studied my BA in graphic design at UCA (University for the creative arts, Epsom) but now I'm doing an MA also in graphic design at UAL (University of the arts, Chelsea)

Miss B: What would you say is your design aesthetic?

Emma: I always try to keep my lines neat with a limited colour palette. I like to use cross hatching as a means to add shading and coloured card to bring flashes of colour to my illustrations.

Miss B: What is the most fundamental thing you've learnt while studying graphics?

Emma: I think that it's the use of typefaces and the composition of text and image. Without a definite structure, the design of a piece can be ruined.
If you want to get in touch with Emma then click the link

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