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24 January 2011

Angela Missoni talks to Fabio Ciquera about family, age and art!

Mrs B & Margherita

Mrs B

Angela & Francesco

Camilla Al Fayed

Leighton Meester

Charlotte Dellal

Boys and girls of every age....

Juergen Teller shot the new Missoni spring/summer ’11 campaign at the fantastic Museum of Everything, created by James Brett in London. Angela explains with some Italian fervour that the campaign was created with the world of Missoni in mind, a world that is more complicated than an item of clothing, a world that includes several generations of an extended family, from Mrs B to boys and girls of every age.
There is something very endearing when Angela shares her childhood memories with me, tales of her parents and Mrs B in the background while Angela and her siblings playing with Caroline and Simon. It is a very intimate and somewhat emotional story because it describes relations that are slowly disappearing in a fashion world that is becoming more and more corporate. Angela stresses the importance of the long lasting cooperation between her family and Browns, a relation that is at the root of Missoni’s success in the United Kingdom from the early 70s: There is deep affection in her words.

Angela explains more about the philosophy of the campaign outlining the ties between heritage, art and family values as the core of everything done at Missoni and how all of that becomes somewhat obvious and given for granted. The campaign S/S ‘11 visually explains the values of the brand in a very intimate way, exactly as family gatherings happen once in a while to establish again that sense of togetherness. Angela describes the work of her parents as pioneering, one of the first designers to design a prĂȘt a porter collection in the late 60s offering forward fashion at more popular prices when haute couture was still dominating the luxury market; and luxury just happened to Missoni as a reaction to the massification of fashion.

Angela is clearly very proud to belong to her “group”; she excitedly closes our conversation announcing that the Missoni’s will celebrate the 90th birthday of Tai, the founder of the family, this February.

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