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19 January 2011

Fabio Ciquera's final days in Milan for fashion week

Neil Barret Finale

Alexander McQueen Finale

Colour, outerwear and the core identity of each brand dominated Milan Men’s Fashion week this season. Behind the playfulness of each collection, the designers returned to pieces that are rooted in the history of the brand and this translated most prolifically into coats. That was the case at Neil Barrett with his minimal yet sophisticated option that reminded of his first collection while Alexander McQueen showed military-influenced garments, creating a very dramatic effect.

After such a critical year for the luxury industry, Milan showed what it does best. Italian designers created forward thinking collections that actually strengthened their DNA. One specific mention for Etro; using the cow as a metaphor for Mittel-European culture, Kean created a collection reminiscent of the Alps with a strong and modern take on the house signatures such as the paisley. The feeling of the collection is utterly modern yet embedded in the company’s distinctive design.

Once again I shied away from the big events and preferred to spend time with friends in the evening. After all, everyone is exhausted from running around all day to shows and presentations. Parties became somewhat of an extension to a business meeting where everyone seems obsessed to catch what everyone else is doing. The real intelligence is exchanged among friends. My last night was spent at La Libera on Via Palermo, another favourite of the fashion crowd.

La Libera

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