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18 January 2011

PR Manager Sarah Hunnam popped by the V&A at the weekend to check out the latest exhibition 'Shadow Catchers'

Shadow Catchers is one of the latest exhibitions at the V&A, showcasing the works of Floris Neusüss, Pierre Cordier, Susan Derges, Garry Fabian Miller and Adam Fuss, who work without a camera. Instead, they create images on photographic paper by casting shadows and manipulating light, or by chemically treating the surface of the paper,

It was amazing and incredible how they created all images. I particularly loved Susan Derges who used the landscape at night as her darkroom, submerging large sheets of photographic paper in rivers and using the moon and flashlight to create the exposure.

Garry Fabian Miller

Floris Neusüss

Pierre Cordier

Susan Derges

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