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21 February 2011

Club Monaco 4 Browns LFW Party kicked the collaboration off with style at the Royal Acadamy on Saturday night

Host of the party and photobooth professional, Lou Doillon

Striped DJ's, Andre Saraiva and Billie JD Porter

Tracy Emin

Mrs B carries off a cast with pure style with daughter Caroline Burstein

Ferdinand Richter, strikes a pose!

Duffy & Lucy Chadwick

Vice president of Club Monaco Ann Watson & Robert Norton

Jacquetta Wheeler & Jade Parfitt

A feathered guest

Vice president of Club Monaco Ann Watson & Simon Burstein

Photo Booth Fun!

Major Blogger Bip Ling


Singer Claire Maguire

Communications Director Zoe Kuipers
Lou Doillon & Ruby Stewart

Sarah Hunnam, PR Manager

Sophia Hesketh
Lara Bohinc

Stings daughter, Kate Sumner

Amongst objets d'arts, giant horse sculptures, studies of the human form, exquisite props such as old tills, porcelain life size dogs, taxidermy as well as furniture fit for relaxed style were all used to create a party haven. fit for the fashionable Party goers swanned about sipping Moscow Mules, devouring Mark Hix's delicious morsels and popping in and out of the photobooth in Club Monaco chiffon mini skirts, crystal encrusted blouses and intrinsically feminine ballerina outfits from the collection. Lou Doillon held the whole of the party at her finger tips and the likes of Tracy Emin, Jade Parfitt, Jacquetta Wheeler and more listened with rapt attention to the dulcet tones of singer Claire Maguire.

Consider the Club Monaco 4 Browns partnership oficially launched!!

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