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15 February 2011

Tali Lennox brings her own look to Club Monaco's stylish seperates!!!


CB: What's the one thing you can't take off?
TL: My opinions and voice. I've always been 'told off' for talking too much

CB: What made you start modelling?
TL: The curiosity to expand my experiences and adventures in life

CB: You come from a musical family, your mother being Annie Lennox. Has music inspired you? How so?
Definitely. I feel like music is another attachment to me. It's made me open up and recognise emotions and feelings i wasn't aware of. I love how it has the power to add such a strong sense of atmosphere to any situation. I can be sitting on the tube bored and staring blankly, switchon a song and, suddenly, it feels like there is a meaning and feeling to everything around me. My motto is look beyond the surface and always be inspired and that's what i think good music really does.

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