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27 April 2011

Utterly en-trenched

One of our favourite fashion writers Maggie Alderson confesses her love for everything trenched. Pictured: Jane Birkin.

I was on my way to the Savoy one recent mid-morning to meet one of my best friends for a cup of tea, when it struck me: every other woman I saw was wearing some form of trench coat.

In one little side street in Covent Garden I passed just four other women and they were all wearing them. One black, one classic beige 3/4, one leather, one leopard print. They all looked great. When I was finishing up with my friend she stood up and put on – guess what? A black Burberry trench coat.

I remember her buying that coat a year ago, as it was one of those purchases that combined equal thrill, guilt and terror, and I was her retail counsellor, promising her she wouldn’t regret it.
She hasn’t. In the year since she says she’s worn it constantly, taking it round the world on business and fun trips, to work, in the evening, all the time. It has become, she said, her default top layer.

What pleased me was to see how all that wear had softened what had started as quite a formal coat (the cotton twill is lightly satin-ed and it has divine little puffed shoulders on the sleeves) has softened into a garment of equal style and character. She’s worn it in like a great pair of jeans.

And as she knotted the belt – note bene, we’ll be coming back to that – it looked like part of her.

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