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16 May 2011


We here at Browns have a passion for unveiling new design talent, and now it seems that we’ve got a flair for discovering irresistible models too. With her demure glamour and unforgettable charm, Carola Wisny is set to cause a storm in the world of modelling. Shot for our exquisite Lanvin shoot, we were enchanted by Carola’s graceful beauty and flawless style. Eager to work with Carola again, we invited her back for our dramatic Acne shoot where she fluently channelled her inner grunge. Despite being deaf, Carola effortlessly communicates each individual shape with compelling superiority, leading us to believe that she is incredibly special.

To coincide with our Acne shoot, we bring you interviews with Carola and her agency, Strike Model Management.

Strike Model Management: Upon receiving Carola’s images, I immediately asked to meet her. It is unquestionable that she is outstandingly beautiful, and once I learnt a little more about Carola’s life and her past I was even more intrigued. When I eventually met her, not only is she absolutely stunning, but she is an amazing and genuine person too. It’s not often that I get butterflies upon meeting new models, but with Carola I did. I know she will be successful.

Browns Fashion: What obstacles have you had to overcome concerning your career?

Carola: I have had to overcome many obstacles including agency rules and lack of freedom.

BF: How much harder have you had to work? What examples can you give of this?

Carola: I have learned the importance and value of hard work. The harder I work, the happier I feel. I love challenges.

BF: Where do you hope to be in ten years time?

Carola: I have no idea where I will be. I have travelled widely and I have seen the world as a castle that needs to be painted many colours. Life-changing experiences, people, cultures, visionary ideas and universal stories were those colours. Metaphorically, I hope to live in that colourful castle.

BF: What has been the highlight of your modelling career?

Carola: Hard work, it is the golden key to success.

BF: What advice would you give to girls considering modelling who have difficulties?

Carola: Don’t believe that you have difficulties. Model scouts and agents have difficulties and they take care of their business. Try to discover as many other types of modeling as you can, and never ever give up.

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