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12 May 2011

Blogger Style Series: DisneyRollerGirl

Browns continues its collaboration with Club Monaco by bringing together three of the top UK fashion bloggers for a series of instore style sessions. With their influence on style, and specifically street style becoming ever powerful, Browns have chosen to team up with Sasha Wilkins of LibertyLondonGirl, Navaz Batliwalla of DisneyRollerGirl and Susie Lau of SusieStyleBubble to take over Browns Shop 24 over the course of five weeks.

Come to our South Molton street store on Thursday 19th May 3pm – 7pm and Saturday 21st May 2pm – 6pm to meet your favourite blogger.

Club Monaco & Browns: why does this make you happy?

Browns was probably the first designer store I was aware of back in the label-obsessed eighties (oh to buy something worthy of one of of those glossy brown carrier bags), while Browns Focus was one of the most innovative stores to emerge in the nineties. It's great to see Browns and Club Monaco continuing the success story together in 2011 with their focus on enduring, wear-anywhere essentials.

How would you define your personal style?

It's mostly low-maintenance classics zhuzhed up with the odd mad accessory. I don't do throwaway so I really look for good quality things that last. I wear a lot of jeans and men's style shoes for day to day with silk shirts, blazers and a good watch if I need to be smart. I love doing the whole boy-girl thing, it's very easy and comfortable.

How influential are bloggers today?

Bloggers are super-influential right now which is good as it's giving consumers a voice. I think the point is that other consumers listen to bloggers; they relate to them, can have a conversation with them and they trust them. I love how whatever your niche is, you can find a blog that fits it. Bloggers are providing a very useful service.

What is the essence of personal style?

It's knowing who you are and being comfortable in your skin. I'm not a fan of trying to be like someone else - all this 'get the celebrity look' stuff drives me a bit nuts. I'm more than happy to borrow elements of Lauren Hutton or Sofia Coppola, but I would have to put my own spin on things, that's the fun bit after all.

With the up surge in blogs, how do you remain individual?

I try to cover only the things that mean something to me. My taste is very specific, I'm really vocal about what I like and don't like so even when I was anonymous up until a few months ago, you could still get the essence of what I was about. And when you have a strong identity like that then it's pretty easy to retain it.

What has been the highlight of your career?

Oh there are highlights every other week! Interviewing Robin Derrick recently about the Vogue iPad app was great, working on the launch of Grazia India and getting my own column was quite momentous, and the most fun was had as fashion director of CosmoGIRL! working with a lovely team and going on fantastic trips.

To view DisneyRollerGirl's blog click here

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  1. He looks very southern. You seemed to have a different taste.