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4 May 2011

Blogger Style Series: LibertyLondonGirl

In the build up toward our Blogger Style Series with Club Monaco, we bring you a little interview with Sasha Wilkins aka LibertyLondonGirl (who will launch the event this Thursday 5th and Saturday 7th May). We hope you’ll join us for a special evening of chic expertise!

Club Monaco: Club Monaco & Browns: why does this make you happy?

LibertyLondonGirl: My mother (the chic-est woman I know) has shopped in Browns since it opened and I have followed happily in her footsteps. Mrs B has always stocked the best labels before everyone else – so to me Club Monaco partnering with Browns for their UK debut makes perfect sense!

CM: How would you define your personal style?

LLG: I don't think I can pigeonhole what I wear into one particular look. My closet contains a glorious mix of building block designer pieces, everyday essentials, sample sale bargains, family pieces and vintage treasures. It’s a particularly English way of dressing that I love for its individuality.

CM: How influential are fashion bloggers today?

LLG: Over the past three years blogging has exploded onto the fashion world’s consciousness in a way that we could never have predicted when Susannah Lau, Navaz Battliwalla & I started blogging regularly back in 2007. Back then blogging was an insider secret; now blogs are read by anyone who is interested in fashion, and who wants an intensely personal take on fashion & style.

CM: What is the essence of personal style?

LLG: Once I believed that you needed to be fashionable to be stylish. Now I know that you need to be both confident and comfortable in your clothes to look chic, and that often means eschewing fleeting trends to find the pieces that suit you and your lifestyle. It’s one of the reasons why I have always made a beeline for Club Monaco the moment I’ve landed in North America – I have pieces that I still wear from the 90s which are just as fresh as they were back then.

CM: With the up surge in blogging, how do you remain individual?

LLG: By remaining true to yourself. I have always written about the people, places and ideas that interest me personally. My content is so diverse that I think that if I ever deviated from the idea that my taste & personal interests are the common thread that pulls it all together then the blog would soon lose any little authority it possesses, or engagement it has with the reader.

CM: What do you find to be the main differences between style in New York and London?

LLG: When I was a fashion editor in New York I wore more of a uniform: glossy hair, beautiful dresses, immaculate grooming, and heels – always. In London, I feel comfortable wearing jeans to external meetings, often paired with a parka, and maybe a lovely Club Monaco cashmere sweater & a ballerine. Hell would have frozen over before I wore a flat in Manhattan to work – that kind of shoe was strictly weekend only!

CM: What has been the highlight of your career

LLG: Attending couture in Paris and running a fashion department at an American magazine were amazing experiences for me as a fashion editor. But for me the highlight so far has been launching LibertyLondonGirl, and discovering a wonderful engaged and interesting audience all over the globe for my particular corner of the fashion world.

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