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17 May 2011

W Hotel: Style and substance

Daniel Lismore with guests
Crazy party goers
Dazed Digital's Moses Jazz
Nicola Robinson, Erol Sabadosh and Carla Latty

It is not about arriving, it is about making an entrance. And that statement could not be truer at the W Hotel, London. Wyld Wednesdays will change the way we go out in the capital. Every Wednesday, the Wyld Bar, an intimate space tucked away in a corner of the first floor of the hotel, will host affirmed and up and coming DJs for a selected audience. Wednesday I went to have a look for myself. Daniel Lismore, Natt Weller and Erol Sabadosh were hosting the evening and it was truly a different experience. We are all used to sleek bars and great music but the Wyld Bar delivers the right mix of creativity and intimacy, almost as being at a private party in one of the suites upstairs. And glamour is back in central London again; an effortlessly stylish crowd of boys and girls, something that is becoming rarer and rarer. I would not want to sound vain but hey, this is a fashion blog! We invest in our wardrobe and the Wyld Bar is the exact spot to show it off.

Text by Fabio Ciquera

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