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29 July 2011

Guest Blogger Mark Fast: Final blog. The BIG summer party!

Last night was my party!!!

The party was packed and it was such a blast!!!

Full of good friends and celebrities that I have wanted to meet!!! Thank you Steve Ball and Shelley Martin-Light from Paradise! I was treated so well and the venue was fantastic!!!!!

Great music as well from DJ Karl Gorden!!!! Great hits!!!

Also big thank you from Anouschka Menzies and Bacchus PR and Sarah Woodhead for all their help in arranging this wonderful event!!! I had such fun with my colleagues and studio team!!!!

I also had the privielege to have the time to spend talking with Natalie, who was wearing my teal-green fringed band dress!!

It was so fun to be with the team from Browns who were in high spirits and dancing up a storm!

Loved the cross in the middle of the dance floor!!! Everywhere I go, there are religious messages. God is with me!!!

*some photos courtesy of David Bennet (the good quality ones!!)

Mark x

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