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25 July 2011

Guest blogger Mark Fast: Week 29, Monday

Gift from Carla Knapp

The long studio timesheetHead Designer Andrew Yates Some of the team

My head designer, Andrew Yates, is finalizing swatches for the new collection and doing a million things at once. He is also doing time sheets for our employees and looking fabulous!

He is Mr. Multi-tasker!

The planning for the Faster show in New York is creating an exciting buzz in the studio.Some of the new samples have just arrived from the factory, and they are perfect!!!!This show is going to really amaze the industry on the fantastic ability of powerfultechnology to create sophisticated garments.

Our production workers, and interns are always an inspiration of loyalty to my brand! Could not do it without them!!!

And we are doing 5 different colors! And new silhouettes!! And most importantly, a show!!!Our interns and production workers are putting their hours in! A great tight knit group!!!!

Bring fashion week on!!!

Oh, and just got a gift from my fellow-fashion designer cousin Carla Knapp in New York; my fashion week coping mechanism!!!


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  1. I heart Andrew !!! Most incredible character :)