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26 July 2011

Guest blogger Mark Fast: Week 29, Tuesday

Mark himself

What real showgirls are made of

Welcome to the studio



Decisions decisions

So its Tuesday!

Tuesday's child is full of grace. And Andrew (@andrejuno) certainly knows how to grace the studio in style.

Karen (@karenmunnis) has just returned from her holiday in Canada, looking fresh. This is dedication; right off the plane! She is doing the final touches on planning our summer party, which is this Thursday. A few VIP guests have been confirmed and we will be dressing them for the party!

We also have a new intern! Charlotte! Welcome to the team!!!

Andrew and I are looking at our research and vibing TRIBAL!!!!

Now.......looking at all of our yarn.......hmmmm....what colour to pick for the next outfit!!!

Ciao for now!!!


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