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27 July 2011

Guest blogger Mark Fast: Week 29, Wednesday

So it has been a very inspiring creative making day today!

We had the Creative Director of Stoll, Joerg Hartmann, here today from Germany! He came with his suticase full of amazing samples that Stoll can make on their highly innovative machinery.
Stoll "The Right Way to Knit" !!!!

I am already trying to find a spot in the studio where I can fit such a piece of equipment. The future of my world is pushing the boundaries of technology. It was so great to have him over to inspire us with his viewpoint on the knitwear world.

Andrew was wearing his private order, Autumn/Winter Mark Fast piece (of course!!!) while talking to Orange, in regards to their service, and lack thereof.

I also am preparing some of the more fine-gauge pieces with knitwear freelance designer, Jaimee McKenna (@jaimeemckenna) on our new Monk fine gauge machine!!!! I am so proud of my new family member on the Mark Fast machine team.

We also had a special celebrity guest come by from one of the studios in the building! J C Withers!!!

Guten Tag !!!!


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