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28 July 2011

Guest blogger Mark Fast: Week 29, Thursday

Mark and graphic designer Florian

Florian in Mark FastStrike a posePuppy loveMother of the puppies

More visitors!!!

Florian, my very charming and talented graphic designer ( stopped by to say hi today! Of course we had to talk business, but not before a photo of him in one of our new FASTER fringed scarves!

The scarf is made with an integral Mark Fast logo, it’s a new era! Andrew was wearing a t-shirt designed by one of our neighbors and looking very stylish (as usual). He is a huge fan!!!

Another special guest came by from one of the studios, the pink poodle and friends. Being around these dogs reminds me of the wire-haired dachshund I will be getting in January. Here is a photo of the mother of the baby pup that I will be getting.

Final preparations have been going on for our party, we’re throwing a summer celebration at Paradise tonight!! Summer does go by Fast!!!

See you tonight!!!


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