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15 August 2011

Guest Blogger Felder Felder: Monday 15th Aug

Backstage at the converted Yoga Shala

The show is about to start
The setting is stunning: a catwalk under orange trees, next to wide fields, a crowd of 2000 people has gathered to watch.In the night
The finale

It is our first day back at the studio, we have just returned from Ibiza in the early morning hours, 5am to be precise and are now steaming away for LFW preparations, as no time needs to be wasted.

Still caught up in the magic of our Ibiza time, we are thrilled share the experience of our catwalk show at luxury spa hotel Atzaro with you, where we were invited to present our first time ever FELDER FELDER bikini range alongside our signature show pieces.

The response was amazing and our friends can’t wait to get their hands on some Rock’n’ Roll bikinis.

Now, back in our London studio (minus ocean view, minus lap pool and the tropical heat), we are switching back into LFW mode!

The lesson learnt on the White Island was, that even in the most hectic moments, people remain their cool, it’s what they call “Ibiza style”. Now we need to see if the same principle can be applied back home !-))

Thursday is the day of our show and things are steaming up. We are heading to Atzaro to set up our backstage area, the, for the day, converted Yoga shala.

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