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16 August 2011

Guest Blogger Felder Felder: Tuesday 16th August

Getting all the pieces out in front of me and making the mood boards for the range and finalizing look, colours and materials. Obsessed with new techniques that I am working on at the moment. It will rock!!

Today is accessory day. (Patti definitely is a long time muse for that)
As you might know, Felder Felder is known for leather jewelery and accessories…
My big contemplation is: which closings to use.
It makes all the difference and sets the tone for the look.

Music in the studio? After a week on Ibiza, electric music is banned (for a little while). Our new addiction? The Virgins, cool sounds AND cool look. What more do you want from a rock band?

Studio snack? Organic nuts and Vita Coco (the best! )to keep the energy up. If that doesn’t work any longer, we will switch to guarana (yikes).

With 4 weeks to go to London Fashion Week, my first day home and already back into our daily routine…getting up at 6am, yoga at 7am, studio at 8.30, admittedly, this is fashion week routine. When times are less hectic, I definitely enjoy a later start of the day.

The first thing I see when I get to the studio is the Patti Smith Book that my friend and stylist Erika Kurihara has given to us. How much I love Patti’s look, even now that she is older- I saw her a couples of week playing live and she is still the dark angel that she was when she was young.

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