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25 August 2011

The Story of Silk

The Browns windows have received an illustrated overhaul from the talented Laura Quick. The London based illustrator presented her own Story of Silk and has created an enchanting set of windows for our South Molton Street Stores.

The Escape

China kept her secret for 2000 years, for anyone found with the eggs of the silk moth, the moth itself or the Mulberry Tree was put to death. Only the fabric travelled the arduous silk road, and it’s secrets were all locked inside the fine thread.

100ad: The marriage

The Princess had long black hair which had never been cut. It had a sheen and thickness that was hidden from the eyes of others with an elaborate headdress woven with great skill by her servant girl. It was heavy with pearls and jade.

It was time to leave her homeland and travel to her Indian prince. She hoped he would please her, for she had never seen this future husband.

After her servant had finished combing, pinning and binding, and after all her servants were gone, she took, with great care, 10 silk cocoons. The princess pushed them into her headdress. Her heart beat hard against her chest.

Following the silk road for weeks, through the Gobi dessert, past the Himalayas, and crossing the river Ganges, with only the land and the sun by day and the star constellations by night, silk, China’s most coveted secret had escaped.

Illustrations and story by Laura Quick

To view Laura's blog click here

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