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10 November 2011

Guest Blogger Yasmin Kianfar: 10th Nov

Today is production day- well, one of many! This involves working out all the fabric etc. needed to get orders made and ready to go out. Lots of counting....
And re-counting... This is the wall of production with a spreadsheet mapping quantities for each store. It's an organised system so nothing gets missed off!
Excited to see a first piece in UK Vogue this month. Look out for the label in 'The Long Game', December's issue with Gisele looking incredible on the front. Thank you Sarah Harris at UK Vogue!
Here I am just trying on a sample from AW'11 which is in Browns at the moment. Looking for an outfit to wear to a friend's birthday. I LOVE this dress, navy laser cut pencil dress. What you can't see here is the lovely back.

Here is the amazing back!

To view Yasmin Kianfar's current collection, click here

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