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9 December 2011

Cabinet Spotlight: Kata Legrady

ne of our Cabinet de Curiosités artists,
Kata Legrady was born in 1974 in Barcs, Hungary. She comes from a family that initially intended her for the opera and studied music and song at Pecs Academy and finally chose the fine arts. She lives and works in Hanover (Germany) and in Budapest (Hungary).

'The choice of Smarties, a colorful sugar-coated chocolate confectionery, evokes the “colored dots” with which Roy Lichtenstein painted his large-format comic strips. The difference is, however, that the confectionary here does not serve to create representational images, but covering them with abstract ornamental motive that do not make them unrecognizable or unusable. In the hands of the artist, machine guns, grenades, handguns become strange and glossy, almost beautiful and attractive. We hesitate between customization, popular decorative art or tribal art, or some strange and magic rite...'

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