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16 February 2012

Window Shopping

The message for this set of London Fashion Week windows follows the four elements: earth, water, fire and air; and ultimately our environment and eco-system. From Marc Jacobs and Huishan Zhang dresses almost floating away on oversized balloons (a la Christian Dior) to a botanical garden swing seating a Lanvin clad mannequin, each window perfectly encompasses its inspiration. Organic stills from photographer Keith Appleby are used as the backdrops for each display, while pieces from prop-makers Sophie Durham and Lucy Anstey lend a sense of depth and realism.

'Being sustainable and ecological is no longer a choice, but a necessity. Each object and every space must be conceived with the greater ecological good incorporated into its design process and product life.'
WGSN trend forecasters

A bit of Lanvin

Menswear is on fire

Thanks to Visual Merchandiser Joanna Galanis
Natasha Craig – Prop Maker (Focus windows)
Mihaela Calin – Photographer (Shop 24 rear backdrops)
Sophie Durham & Lucy Anstey – Prop Makers and Styling (SMS & Mens)
Katerina Hatzigeorgiou - Meadham Kirchhoff backdrops

And Keith Appleby (Men’s, Sloane, shop 24 front, shop 25 and shop 27)

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