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23 March 2012

Fabio Ciquera: Sleeping with the Stars

Legendary photographer Terry O’Neill has teamed up with Jimmie Martin, the award-winning furniture brand, to create one-off sofas, chairs, armoires and beds. The gold-leafed baroque furniture is adorned with Terry’s photographs and then finished off with hand-painted artwork.

The collection, called “Sleeping with the Stars”, went on show Tuesday night (March 20th) at the Rock&Raven Gallery at 7-8 Rathbone Place, London W1. Jimmie Martin, created in 2004 by Jimmie Karlsson and Martin Nihlmar, made their name using contradictory styles.

Madonna chose them to design the throne when she performed during America’s Super Bowl last month. But if their furniture were a British singer, it would be David Bowie, a baroque lord with a punk streak.

Terry needs no introduction. His talent led him to photograph the elite of the late 20th century – including the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and members the Royal Family. His work now hangs in national galleries and private collections worldwide. Together Terry, Jimmie and Martin share the same irony about reinterpreting icons - be it a famous rocker or a baroque chair.
All three were at the vernissage to give a personal touch to their collaboration explaining their visions on icons, contemporary art and the need to find modernity in history. Yana Uralskaya, founder of Visual Couture, an art and design boutique that offers art collectors access to unique photographs, curated the exhibition, which runs until March 31.

Jimmie Martin and Terry O'Neill

Text by Fabio Ciquera

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