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16 April 2012

Guest Blogger: Anndra Neen

Phoebe and Annette Stephens, the two sisters behind the hand-crafted jewellery brand
Anndra Neen, are taking over the blog this week. And we've caught them at an interesting time. Phoebe is in New York and Annette is away in Mexico so we'll see their design process in action from two independent locations. One brand, two cities.

The sister's for Interview magazine

Phoebe: 'Went to see the Tibetan Arms and Armor Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We have always been so inspired by different types of armor. You could even attend the Met Ball with this get up'.

Annette: 'Whenever I am looking for some inspiration, I visit the Anthropology Museum. It is one of the most beautiful museums in the city. I loved all the jewelry on this piece. That pectoral would look amazing with a simple dress'.

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