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21 April 2012

Guest Blogger: Anndra Neen

Spend your weekend with the sisters of handcrafted jewellery line Anndra Neen.

Phoebe on her way to Mexico

The views from the plane were beautiful

Finally arrived in paradise.

My sea view

The beautiful hotel

At night

Annette in Mexico:

Went to see a photography exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City. I was so inspired by photographs by Mexican photographer Manuel Alvarez Bravo. Bought a book of all of his Polaroid pictures as well as the exhibit's catalogue. He has such an incredible eye!

The inside of the museum

Photograph by Manuel Alvarez Bravo featured in the exhibit

Book of Polaroids. Absolutely beautiful!

One of the Polaroids from the book

Manuel Alvarez Bravo's gorgeous black and white photography from the exhibit's catalogue

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