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24 April 2012

Guest Blogger: Vogue's Naomi Smart

Back in January, British Vogue Editor, Alexandra Shulman called upon her team to discuss an idea that she had for a reader and industry event. Just a few talks, possibly a couple of workshops, maybe an opportunity for readers to have treatments from experts etc, but most importantly a chance for readers to hear and feel connected to the many talents that grace the pages of Vogue. Three months later, all Vogue hands on deck and The Royal Geographical Society saw more heels and handbags then it has in a lifetime - The Vogue Festival had landed with full force. Two days of educational banter, interaction and fun with fashion's biggest names - Dolce & Gabbana, Stella McCartney, David Bailey, Christopher Bailey, Diane Von Furstenburg, Tim Walker, Christopher Kane...the list goes on!

But let's not also forget to mention the hilariously funny and honest talk with David Bailey, the warmth that Kate Hudson and Stella McCartney projected throughout their conversation (I want to be in their gang!), the awkward mention of Anne Robinson's facelift during the Age and Beauty debate by a member of the audience ('let's move away from the cosmetic surgery, no offence Anne'. No offence taken btw)

The yummy food catered by The Cellar Society. Tim Walker and Kate Phelan talk about their adventures proved so popular that we had to put it on twice at the last minute, waiting for Rachel Zoe to say her famous quotes from her TV show, "Bananas' 'I die'. That didn't happen but she did say 'Perfection' ALOT especially about fellow speaker William Banks-Blaney's London vintage shop that apparently has the greatest collection of treasures a lady could wish for.

What I found so exciting about this event was that it really made me reminiscine about my time as a student at Central St. Martins. Some of my best moments were sitting in a auditorium listening to guest speakers at our University. Jean Paul Goude - inspired me to photomontage, Colin McDowell - made me prey he would adopt me as a Granddaughter he was so charming, and I still have my scribbled notes from Lucinda Chamber's talk, who was an utter inspiration for her talent and personality... who knew I would now be sitting opposite her everyday at Vogue HQ. I just hope that all that attended had as much fun as I did.

Bring on next year!

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