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7 May 2012

Guest Blogger: Emma J Shipley

This is the first of my guest posts for Browns which I’ll be doing every day this week, sharing some of my design inspiration and process, behind-the-scenes snaps and anything else that comes to mind. I hope you enjoy it...

First I thought I’d share some Instagram snaps of pages from my sketchbooks; a taster of some of the inspiration for my current Hyper Nature collection .

Research imagery, own photography and print design, vintage Liberty fabric

Vintage illustration plate, source unknown

Starlings flocking near Oxford, from Richard Dawkins’ The Greatest Show on Earth

Research imagery: including fractal patterns in rivers and petals, the Mandelbrot set and own photography

Branching diagram from On the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin

Vintage branching species diagram

Diagram showing the pattern of spiral phyllotaxis in the monkey puzzle tree

Research diagram and own sketches

Research imagery such as Rousseau, Marianne North, own photography

Illustration from L’Histoire de la Nature des Oiseau, published in 1555

Own photography (lomography) from Kew gardens

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