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25 May 2012

Guest Blogger: Leutton Postle

Our techniques revealed. Ooooooooooooooh!

Today we're going thought we'd go through some of our pieces and talk through the techniques and processes that go into making them.

This reverse appliqué jacket is a technique we use a lot in our SS12 collection, using a layering and cutting fabric to create a crazy mosaic effect. Appliqué trousers available in Browns Focus now.

Again using a e-wrapping this time in a grid and graphic design, we often like to play with different patterns and colours in our work.

E-wrapped lilac jumper and skirt available in Browns Focus now!

This jumper is made on the domestic standard gauge knitting machine. Knitted from lilac Angora we use a technique called e-wrapping in which we lay in yarns which we then wrap around each needle and knit into every row. Doing this continually gives us the freedom to almost draw in the knitting. Although a slow technique it' s something we use a lot because of the great finish you get!

Hand-crocheted skirt using every yarn under the sun, this is a timely piece to make but the finish has a wonderful hand-crafted quality. We love the way the different yarns sit strangely yet beautifully together.

Here we've used the appliqué technique to a different effect, using the cutting back process to create a Picasso-esque design inspired by Nigerian artwork. AW12 appliqué skirt coming soon to Browns Focus.

We love designing for Autumn/Winter as it allows us to go crazy with knitting weight. This pom-pom cardigan using again the e-wrapping technique on domestic machines, crates a 3D shape which we love to use. Short AW12 pom-pom cardigan coming soon to Browns Focus.

And, of course, Eurovision

Last night was the second semi-final so we now have all 26 finalists confirmed! One day to go now until tomorrow's FINAL!

Our pick of the best past entry today goes to the barefooted babe Sandi Shaw. She was the first act to ever win the contest for the UK.

And now for this years entry - our very own contestant, it's Englebert "the Hump" Humperdinck with "Love Will Set You Free". GO UK!

To celebrate Eurovision, we are hosting a party at Evin Cafe on Kingsland Rd. Come along if you love it, come along if you don't -we'll convert you!

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