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1 May 2012

Guest Blogger: Ostwald Helgason

In February we took a trip to NYC for our AW'12 presented as part of MADE at Milk Studios for New York Fashion Week… We had an amazing time and the collection was really well received so a huge thanks to the guys at Milk and everyone that was involved!

Today we're posting photos of our time in New York to give you an idea of the things that went on and the blast that we had! Met some amazing people, ate delicious Korean food and sang our hearts out at karaoke! More on the presentation tomorrow...


Wu Tang and the opening of Fashion Week at Milk Studios!!

Hanging out with our friend Claire, war correspondent, the night before she left for her third tour of Libya

Dive bar - Emma our Studio Manager trying to steal a local's leather

The hockey-match, closing party of Fashion Week at Standard Hotel, where Milk Studios and Standard Hotel battled it out on the ice… (photos from

K Town - much needed R&R, Korean street food followed by…

...Korean karaoke!

Took the cable car to Roosevelt Island while the sun went down

Tacombi tacos and Mexican beer!

The soundtrack to our time in NY. This was playing EVERYWHERE!

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