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15 May 2012

Elle loves Pedro Lourenço

Brazilian wunderkind, Pedro Lourenço, speaks to Elle magazine about his 'appetite for clothes that are bold, brazen and beautiful'. Read the full interview here.

Would you say that you have defined the Pedro Lourenco aesthetic now, or is it still a work in progress?

It's a organic work in progress. I have a very strong point of view: You can see from my first shows, when I was twelve to sixteen; some characteristics of my work at that time are still there. They're part of my DNA. But as a designer I believe you never stop growing. My goal is to become better and better.

What are your design signatures?

To give importance to the construction of the clothes. My work is very graphic. I love to mix materials that you usually do not find in fashion. I believe I have a fresh eye to create classical clothes and break them with something unexpected.

Who is the Pedro Lourenco girl?

She‘s an urban, contemporary woman, with a strong point of view, that wants high quality and bold designs.

Where do you hope to take the brand in the next few years?

I'm working to establish the brand in the main stores worldwide, to be respected for my designs and the quality of my product, to be able to invest more in human resources, in production and material technology, and to become a global company.

Read the full interview here

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