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18 June 2012

Guest Blogger: Aganovich

Browns have very kindly asked Aganovich to curate (bit overblown, maybe edit, we're not sure..) some content this week on their blog. Since Nana and I roll quite differently on the communication front (I'm word obsessed, whereas she's severely and proudly dyslexic, therefore more keen on images) we will post separately. Also I happen to be in quite possibly the least fashion-y spot on the entire globe; a place called Herceg Novi on the Monte Negran coast. While Nana, for her part is currently in Paris.

Though it's not as if it's all happening this week, we have pretty much been entirely preoccupied with moving to Paris. It's nearly three years that we've been operating from there. We did our first off-schedule SS10 presentation in October 2009 in a small gallery in the Marais.

Two seasons later we were put on the official schedule for SS11

And we now do all our production, sales and PR from there, so there was only so long that we could avoid the elephant in the room vis-vis our investors. The question came back in January after a cursory look at our Excel spreadsheets...."Why are you living in London?"

Well all our responses though full of emotion (Time Out! The Golden Heart pub! Freedom Press and the Anarchist Bookshop!...) did not really hold water from a business perspective so we finally had to capitulate.

After the March show we set about orchestrating the move (or rather Nana did as I injured my knee on the last day of fashion week and have therefore been magnificently incapable of providing any kind of physical support, though I do cheer periodically from the bed).

Those of you who are familiar with us will know that we are passionately devoted to the East End and Whitechapel in particular, so we treated ourselves to a farewell weekend over the Jubilee by which time I could kind of walk, wriggling like a landlocked tadpole. We dressed ourselves up and went to say goodbye to not only Whitechapel but also the Queen down by Tower Bridge-

By the Royal London Hospital and outside The Good Samaritan pub where we have conceived or resolved most of our achievements-

The first damp indication the weather was not going to play ball for the Jubilee Pageant.

Nana working here gypsy/gangster look.

The contentious 'Shard' skyscraper disappearing into the clouds behind Tower Bridge.

A fitting conclusion to our ten years in London: Nana blowing her damp nose with Union Jack on a rainy freezing Summer's day!

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  1. OH I love this post almost as much as I love Aganovich!