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22 June 2012

Guest Blogger: Aganovich

Well our Browns blog week is drawing to a close.

I was wondering what to post for you and I'm sorry to say I'm going to bore you like that friend who used to deplore baby pictures who, on the appearance of their first-born, floods your inbox with daily updates of their child's every movement and expression.

I arrived back from Monte Negro last night after quite possibly the most turbulent flight I have ever had the pleasure of surviving. (If you must know, no I didn't keep my cool; I warbled like a strangled chicken and jumped onto the lap of the portly woman next to me to pad the inevitable crash landing..)

I forgot it was the Fete de la Musique last night so was pleasantly surprised to arrive to a city in the throes of it's biggest annual street party. Nana and I strolled around the Marais bumping into various friends along the way.

The increasingly beautiful Nana Oforiatta-Ayim our Ghanaian poet/writer friend (and long time Aganovich muse/client) who was in town for a reading at the Palais de Tokyo; when we met her she had just been thrown out of a restaurant which we found admirably rock 'n' roll for a poet and someone with a normally elegant disposition. Here she is in one of our pieces:

The ever charming man-about-town Emmanuel Vilsbol, formerly of Gaspard Yurkievich, had just returned from a stint in New York.

And lastly, designer Jessica Ogden with a Korean designer from Miu Miu who were dancing outside La Perle which is our favourite hang out in Paris; a louche proper hard-core french caff which is perfectly placed at a kind of fashion crossroads in the Marais. It's where the fashion pack go to be distinctly down to earth and unrefined. The atmosphere is invariably electric but last night was full-on roadblockingly insane.

Here it is pictured on an average evening.

Sadly I forgot my phone so the above pictures are all stolen off the internet.
But despite the great time we had in the streets of Paris, and in keeping with the 'moving to Paris' theme of my past two posts, the part of the evening that struck me the most was walking back into our studio. In my ten days absence Nana has continued to fill out and organise the space.

In London, like every emerging designer trying to cut costs, we lived and worked in the same space. Makes sense. But as you grow it really doesn't; lines get blurred. Sometimes you're space is an office when you really want it to be your home and vice versa.

The new studio (WARNING: this is where the proud new parent thing kicks in, so turn away now if outright filial pride makes your toes curl) looked amazing. It's not the design or the visual aspect just the allocation of space and the hum of activity. We fought hard to keep our core London team and I'm very glad we did. They've done an amazing job and I was obscenely sentimental. Furthermore after a lengthy interview process (handled by the London team) we have been joined by two great locals.

So I am going to sign off this week's last post with an introduction to the people of whom I'm so proud (sorry I did warn you):

Satsuki Suga, Head Pattern Cutter

Igor Vaninov, Studio Manager

Sang Hee Chu, Design Assistant

Johan Aprin, Patern Cutting assistant

Lala Diallo, Seamstress

That's all folks. Big thanks to Lewis Chong and Browns for inviting us on board this week.

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  1. I want to say two words about this post, absolutely glorious...