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6 June 2012

Guest Blogger: Emilio De La Morena


Ladies and gents, I’m taking over the blog for the next week. I flew in from the US yesterday after 10 fabulous days in LA and Monterrey, Mexico (feeling sickly jetlagged today). However, got up to some cool stuff over there, way out west, so thought I’d share some of my experiences and take you on a little post-trip journey…

This is the result of me killing a few hours on the flight over by trying to capture the gradient light and colours of the sky. There must be a pro behind those shades and colour combinations.

Met by a huge neon sign at the airport – Hello LA!

High on inspiration. The floor at the airport documented. Check.

OBJECTS IN THE MIRROR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR. The city is just waking up, but I get a glimpse of LA’s traffic jams, organic juices and perfect bodies already in the car from LAX.

The lovely sight of palm trees.

Thank you, kind sir

The adventure starts tomorrow, stay tuned!

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