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7 June 2012

Guest Blogger: Emilio De La Morena


Rise and shine, it’s the second day of this hostile takeover of the Browns Blog. Today, I'm reporting about beach explorations and Memorial Day. Time to hit the streets of LA!

Everywhere I turn there are stars and stripes! I think it’s wonderful that this one symbol can unite such an enormous country. Patriotism is on another level here. Flag cake anyone?

The 28th was Memorial day; a beautiful day honouring the men and women who have died in war. So, a small history lesson for those of you who don’t already know. It was formerly known as Decoration Day (and should not be confused with Veterans Day), and originates from commemorating the soldiers who have died in the American Civil War, but by the 20th century it was extended to honour all Americans who have died in all wars. The images above are from Santa Monica, where they remember each fallen soldier with a wooden cross. A tragic, yet at the same time, beautiful sight.

Checked out the Bu’s (local slang of Malibu) “27 miles of scenic beauty”, as the signs proclaim throughout the city. And boy it's beautiful. BTW could we be the new (but older) O.C. gang? Call FOX Television and ask if they want another series of The O.C.

Venice! How cool is it that the Police have a surfboard, or even the fact that the Police car has a "stand" for the board! I saw loads of surfers, but no waves – maybe the surfboard is part of the look.

Route 66 to Santa Monica's Muscle Beach. Only people who practice acrobatics and bodybuilding can enter. Doubt that I would make the cut.

1 comment:

  1. I love LA, been many times and always find something that hold my breath, usually something's a magical city! Thanks Emilio de la Morena and Browns for bring the photos!