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8 June 2012

Guest Blogger: Emilio De La Morena


Hola, saludos desde Mexico! I left LA for a few days to go explore the city of Monterrey, Mexico – and, of course, try their tequila. Not only is it one of the most populated (9th) cities in Mexico, but it's also one of the richest (2nd). A little geography lesson reminder; the map snap-shot shows Monterrey on the top right close to the East coast, about two centimetres from the US boarder (WARNING! REAL DISTANCE IS LONGER!).

Adding to the excitement of seeing a new city, I was sent a link to an article reading “49 mutilated bodies have been found dumped by a roadside near the city of Monterrey”. After that, the articles about the killings and string of brutal murders linked to drug wars in the area were everywhere I looked. Great. Apparently, the city has been badly hit by the conflict between two rival drugs gangs, which has resulted in restaurants closing and us having to be driven around in bullet proof (8 layer thick windows!) cars. On a more positive note, the city was stunning, rich in culture and surrounded by mountains and exotic greenery.

I have discovered that my favourite tequila is by far the black bottled Alacran. There is also the amazing “Michelada”, which is beer with tequila, Tabasco, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce/Maggie sauce – served chilled, in a salt-rimmed glass. But if this is too much, you can always go for the lighter “Chelada” , which is simply beer, lime juice and salt. FYI “Pasarla Padre” is when you are having a great time (after 1 tequila), and “Pasarla Poca Madre” is even better (after a few tequilas).

Have more in store for you tomorrow. Ciao!

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