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7 August 2012

Blogger style series day 2: MOO

Today I'm going to take you to Chiang Mai (Northern part of Thailand)...I went to Chiang Mai earlier this year for my best friends wedding.She's Indian born Thai... I've known her since I was 7 years old...I absolutely love Indian dresses... especially the ones that my friend wore at her several wedding ceremonies...The embroidery was very exquisite... so bling!! so beautiful!!

I also used this opportunity to stay at the Dhara Dhevi Mandarin Oriental (Chiang Mai). I had been waiting for so long to come here... the experience was beyond amazing...As I've mentioned yesterday that I love architecture and interior, Dhara Dhevi Mandarin Oriental was the perfect choice!! The hotel itself is HUGE!!

I had to take a horse-cart in order to take a full tour of the hotel...It's like a little village...You could also rent out a bike in order to travel around the hotel... that's how big it is!! Within the hotel area... there's a temple, 6 restaurants, a bar, a pool bar and an organic agriculture land where they grew their own vegetables and Thai rice...The hotel style is Thai Lanna style, which is Thai Northern style architecture. Very rich, elegant, and luxurious...Let me show you what I meant by this through pictures I snapped :-)

Agriculture Farm (rice farm), wearing blue sequin shorts from Ashish @ Browns!
Hotel's temple:

I loved Lanna style umbrella so much that I had to buy back as souvenir! :-)
(This sunglasses is from my Noir baroque collection... you can find it here at BROWNS FOCUS!! yes... now back in stock!!)

The bride was wearing tailored made traditional Indian costumes and I was wearing YSL sequence jump suit…but the bride’s dress wins my sequence… of course!! The details on her dress were amazingly done!!

Indian dress; my friend gave me this dress so that it was appropriate enough for the ceremony in Indian temple… My MOO sunglasses go with this look PERFECTLY!!!

Green satin Lanvin (bought from Browns) .. matching colour with the bride's mother

Balenciaga lace shirt with Sretsis (Thai brand) feather skirt...I was a flower girl…

Here comes the bride...

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