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9 August 2012

Blogger style series day 4: MOO

… Hello… This week I’m actually in Hong Kong… for work… and for FOOD!! I normally fly Thai Airways and this time… I see myself on the plane!!!! I’m in Sawasdee magazine!! It’s the airline’s magazine… Sawasdee means HELLO in Thai.
First day in Hong Kong… and here it is… Abercrombie & Fitch attack!!!
Working days… interviews… interviews… and interviews… Outfit 1: at The Collectives…I wore COMME des GARÇONS white shirt, Lanvin necklace, Sretsis skirt, Chloe shoes and Pierre Hardy clutch (got from Browns Focus)…
Outfit 2: at EDIT… Cacharel floral dress, Lanvin necklace and Chloe shoes
I went out for drinks with Marissa last night. She’s a friend and also PR from The Collectives at Club Yu (Members only) on Stanley Street. Thanks for taking me here… I LOVE it!! Very cosy place… old Chinese style… so classic.. a bit of mod feel… with a cool touch! Here are the pictures from Club Yu MEMBERS ONLY… ring a bell at the door!
Look at the ceiling… they decorated with big dim-sum racks! Also the tiles pattern was very antique style… they do this the whole wall at the entrance…
Old-styled Chinese calendar… 8th August 2012!! Normally this kind of calendar… they would tell you when is the full moon, half moon… because Chinese people tend to have their important ceremonies according to the moons, like which day is good for which ceremony.
Another corner with Chinese old newspaper...
I had the best guava martini here… and this guy is the master of cocktails…
Notice the gate behind the sofa? This gate is beyond classic… in olden days… they have this gate at the front of a house door… for double security. Although some houses that has a street entrance still use these gates.
Here comes the FOOD!!! This was the most impressive dim sum I’ve ever had!!! They put GOLD LEAF on! I’d call this dim sum “haute couture”

And how could I not showing this picture of Fan Bing Bing wearing my MOO sunglasses, also available at BROWNS!!  This pair she’s wearing is called “Bubbly”, from Baroque Eyes collection. Love her style… well groomed… head to toe!

Fan Bing Bing wore these MOO sunglasses at Louis Vuitton AW12 fashion show in Paris. 

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