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21 August 2012

Guest Blogger: Vauxhall Fashion Scout

Day two of the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Browns Blog Takeover and we catch up with Jessica Bumpus, Fashion Features Editor of

Jessica is prolific in spotting the future of fashion; she’s been part of Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s Selection Panel and Mentoring Events since 2007 and is a front-row regular at our catwalk showcases.

If you want to know which designers are going to be big, she’s your go-to girl. Jessica played a part in selecting now renowned designers, including Browns designers William Tempest, David Koma, Hermione de Paula, Leutton Postle and Yasmin Kianfar. We catch up with Jessica ahead of the season in an exclusive interview for The Browns Blog…

Jessica, you were part of the selection panel for Vauxhall Fashion Scout once again for the SS13 selection process, what is your criteria when selecting designers each season?

I’m looking for something that excites me – but that doesn’t mean it has to be mad – and that is well considered, that you can see the relevance of. For me relevance is really important and I think what’s most interesting right now are designers who are able to create something that is creative, covetable and commercial. It’s a tricky balance but if you can get that right then you’re on to something.

Was this season more difficult in comparison to last – is there an added spotlight on emerging designers of late?

Each season there are more and more designers as people become more and more aware of how great a platform Vauxhall Fashion Scout is. This season there were a lot of designers to choose from and there were a few disagreements among the panel! But we got there in the end.

What made Heohwan Simulation stand out as the Merit Award winner for SS13?

What’s great about this label is it’s sophisticated and very well executed. Not all brand new, young designers need to be crazy with what they do. Heohwan Simualtion showed a strong understanding of creating something people could and would want to wear.

What is the importance of Vauxhall Fashion Scout as a platform to emerging designers to the fashion sphere – and particularly British fashion?

Vauxhall Fashion Scout is a bit of a fashion gem really – there’s so much great talent there and if you trace back various designers’ fashion history, you’ll see they showed with VFS. I think they’re very supportive in a very down-to-earth way and that’s important for young designers starting out who don’t know what lies ahead.

If asked to wear one Vauxhall Fashion Scout designer, past or present, who would it be?

That’s a tough question indeed, there are so many. I am a fan of William Tempest, Hermione de Paula, Charlotte Taylor, Eudon Choi, Myrza de Muynck and my tip for the season ahead is Sabina Bryntesson (very cool).

Text by Cass Gowing

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