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24 August 2012

Guest blogger: Vauxhall Fashion Scout

Day five of the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Browns blog takeover and we're bringing you an insight into one of fashion's most creative, conceptual and supportive outlets for new and established talent. 

 Today's industry insider delves into the world of editorial fashion with Tui Lin, Fashion and Marketing Editor of POP Magazine and Fashion Editor of men’s fashion bi-annual, Arena Homme+. 

 Tui is an avid supporter of new talent and has been working with Vauxhall Fashion Scout for two seasons as a prominent member of the VFS Selection Panel. Her ongoing support is reinforced through the commission of seasonal shoots with our designers, most recently including breakthrough designers Raffaele Ascione and Myrza de Muynck.

 As we catch up with Tui ahead of the season, she imparts her thoughts on the selection of SS13 Merit Award Winner, Heohwan Simulation, the print-industry’s responsibility to support new talent; and her seasoned tips for the ones to watch as their careers progress.

1. You were part of the VFS selection panel for the coming season. What were you looking out for when it came to choosing the design talent we'd showcase? I was looking out for three things: wearability, creativity and longevity. 2. What made Spring/Summer Merit Award winner, Heohwan Simulation stand out to the selection panel this season? A lot of young designers produce incredibly beautiful work and it looks great on the catwalk; but when you get up close, the finishings are not quite there. What made Heohwan Simulation stand out is the quality of his work, and the pristine finishings. Without sounding like a cliché, it's the small details that count.

3. As the Fashion Editor of two magazines, do you feel a responsibility to up the exposure of new talent in these crucial early stages? I think all editors have the responsibility to support the growth of the next generation. I do however feel that the progressive pace of the industry and the eagerness for the "newest of the new" is backfiring. [Because] of the constant craze for the new, a lot of young designers will suddenly gain a lot of attention when they first graduate, [but] once the hype is over and the momentum lost, they are dropped like flies. This can be daunting, and disheartening for a lot of young designers. I feel that organisations such as VFS are really important in helping to shape, and build the infrastructure of a young company. They really hone and cultivate their designers rather than just churning out one after another.

4. For any aspiring stylists reading, how would you advise them on obtaining experience and building working-relationships with designers and magazines? Do as much work experience and interning as you can. Also your peers will be your most important contacts. 5. Are there any other names from the Spring/ Summer VFS schedule that you think we should look out for? My ones to watch are Raffaele Ascione, Myrza de Muynck, Timur Kim, Leutton Postle and recent graduate Hellen van Rees who is part of Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s One To Watch platform.

Raffaele Ascione The complete catwalk and presentation schedule is available to view on the Vauxhall Fashion Scout website. Images: POP Text: Sara McAlpine Edited by: Charlotte Gunstone

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