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11 September 2012

Guest Blogger: Angie Smith

Finding YOUR Style

So many of my clients follow and love fashion but find the whole process of putting looks together and creating their own style is a bit overwhelming.  I think it’s pretty hard to be impartially subjective about your own appearance and I always suggest taking a picture of yourself in an outfit and looking at the image with your thumb placed over your face (as if you are looking at someone else wearing that outfit). When I was working with Dannii Minogue for the last season of XFactor we stuck to 3  key silhouettes (the 50’s prom, the fitted shift and the column) it didn't matter what fabrics/colours we experimented with as long as we stuck to our silhouettes Dannii looked chic and effortless and most of all she was wearing the dress and not the other way around.

I’d recommend doing this to anyone that wants to a) Look great in their clothes all of the time b) Always have something in your wardrobe that works on you, and it will certainly keep you on the straight and narrow when you are shopping. Also when buying online it's very quick to see the shape of a garment when its photographed flat and so you can make a quick assessment if it will suit your physique and quickly discount it if it doesn’t.  I think its really obvious when a woman knows her body shape and sticks to her own set of style rules, take Victoria Beckham who knows that she looks amazing in a fitted shift dress or an A’line shift dress, or Adele who looks great in an empire line or trapeze dress and always with a ¾ length sleeve. What about Angelina Jolie with her long and lean silhouette wearing lots of column shaped gowns and always full length, or just under the knee when she is on the red carpet. 

Then there is Anna Wintour who accentuates her waist and keeps her hem-length just below the knee or to the floor.

One of my favourite dressers is Emmanuelle Alt who looks effortless in well cut blazers and a skinny trouser / denim adding interest to her uniformed look with layeres and texture.

 ‘Martina’ embroidered Mikado lace dress

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